Show us what you’re made of!

Show us what you’re made of!

If you subscribe to more than one social channel the chances are you will see the same update from the same people on all their channels, this is laziness brought on by the rise of social management tools such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Friends+Me. Now don’t get me wrong I use these tools too but it’s usually just for testing purposes for clients or if I am feeling lazy, yes it happens to me too, on occasion.

But the worst thing is when I see supposed marketing ‘gurus’ (I hate that term) stuffing their walls and streams with Buffer and Feedly posts all the time. Yes we have all done it when we were starting out and needing to be ‘everywhere’ but why do you think there are statements like “there’s nothing original on the web” or “everyone is just re posting the same thing”. We have to be careful the marketing web doesn’t become dull and full of the same stuff.

It’s true we are becoming lazy online marketers and it has to stop my friends or all credibility is lost.

If you’re into marketing, social marketing, online marketing or any other marketing at least have the balls to write and post your own content from time to time…FFS. If you’re selling your services to clients and potential clients let them see that you know what you’re talking about, it’s a real chance to get noticed, showcase your skills and maybe get some good quality work. If you repost other people’s stuff all the time you will lose all credibility. People that do this are called a ‘fake experts’ I can pretty much guess that you have heard the term before. They have no real ‘message’ to give so they just repost other peoples stuff or worse they don’t want to give anything away just in case…just in case what? Please don’t become one of them.

Its fine to repost stuff don’t get me wrong when I come across great content that I think my tribe will like, out it goes, but I am really choosey on the stuff I share, why? Because I respect my tribe and I won’t just feed them any old crap just so I can send out an update or be noticed. Like my mum used to say “if you don’t have anything good to say…don’t say anything” this is true in life and online my friends.

So come on, don’t be lazy, showcase your skills to the world, give away your best stuff in posts, video, infographics or whatever the hell you’re into but don’t just repost other peoples stuff all the time.

Be yourself online and have a great time doing it. I can guarantee that you will attract a tribe and clients that will love you.

Have a great day!


Social Media Talk

Social Media Talk

First off thanks to everyone who made it today I hope that you all had a great time and got a lot out of it?

As I said throughout the talk I would finish off the post with some of the key points we discussed.

So here we go, no particular order, just as I remember them:

  • Remember if you don’t try social media you will never know if it will work for your business or not?
  • If your behind the sofa or reading this through your fingers, don’t worry a black van won’t appear outside your house and drag you off for putting an update on Twitter
  • Don’t be afraid of negative comments, use them to make you and your business better, more efficient and ultimately stronger. They are out there so you might as well respond if you can Keep reading…
Is Social Media making us lazy?

Is Social Media making us lazy?

Lazy KeithI first thought about this a few months ago when trawling through my many accounts on Tweetdeck, I love Hootsuite for the scheduler but Tweetdeck still gets my vote.

Anyway I was thinking that maybe we are becoming too reliant on social media to get introductions and find people in the big wide world who can help spread the word about our business and we can reciprocate with.

Now I know the chances of me hopping on a plane to the USA to network with a bunch of guys I have never met is remote, unless someone out there wants to pay for that to happen, but let’s face it how many of us make excuses not to travel say fifty miles to meet new people and try to expand our network of business associates by actually meeting them?

I know, it’s more than you would think, but sometimes it’s nice to get out and meet different people and exchange ideas over a coffee so that’s what I intend to do, get out and meet more people. I hope you do to and if you do can you let us all know how you get on?

photo credit: Stevie-B

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