Walking the Courageous Path Pt 2

Walking the Courageous Path Pt 2

Today I heard that a long time friend and mentor died on April 18th 2012, Hillman Curtis a man renowned for walking a courageous path.

He wasn’t a friend or mentor in the strictest sense, I didn’t speak to him on a regular basis, he wouldn’t know me if we passed in the street and I would be invited to any of his premiers. But, like many millions of budding designers in the 90’s, he inspired me to try website design, look at it in different ways, do better work and try different things.

I always meant to write a second part to Walking the Courageous Path and now seems the perfect time. Keep reading…

Walking the courageous path

Walking the courageous path

First of all what do I mean by the courageous path? Well let me say that this post was inspired by Hillman Curtis and a piece he wrote, you can find it here, in it he talks about leaving the path most people recognised him for and venturing down a new one, which was pretty scary to say the least as this guy, if you have never heard of him, is at the top of his game.

For some of us the courageous path never really presents its self or if it does it can be a very real disappointment in lots of different ways and on many levels.

If you have ever gone down the courageous path then you will relate to what I am going to share with you. If you haven’t, I am pretty sure you have but don’t realise it yet, you will identify with some parts of it! Keep reading…

So what do you do when the block comes?

So what do you do when the block comes?

Creative writers block and what does it mean?
I think for most creative’s this can be a serious condition, especially if your livelihood depends on it, so what can you do?

Well I once read a book by Hillman Curtis and in there was a quote which said something along the lines of “rediscover a master” and in that they meant go back to a master painter, writer, sculptor, in fact anyone who first inspired you to do what you do.

When I was painting in watercolour two artists really did it for me, Turner and Rowland Hilder and I think even though I didn’t know it at the time going back and reading their books and looking at their work did inspire me to try new and different things, so when I started KMiDigital I always held that thought that when the ‘block’ came I had a look at some of the designers who inspire me and see what they were doing.

So then comes the question are you stealing or copying their work, not at all as everything comes in cycles and to ‘borrow something then put it back’ is fine all the greats have done it.

How do you deal with creative block, we would really like to know?

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