The killer of most businesses.

So how do you make sure that you have a healthy pipeline of clients and cash?

You need a super hero sales person/s…period.

If that’s not you hire one as soon as you can…its worth it.

Now I hear all sorts of excuses like “I can’t afford it” or “I can do it myself” the list is endless, maybe you can and maybe you can….your client and prospective client list will tell you if it’s working or not.

Most times it all bollocks.

A super hero sales person is worth their weight in gold and will bring in 3 times more than you ever will, maybe more, because all they’re focusing on is sales, not the business as a whole.

So how do you find a super hero sales person?

Its not that easy, in fact you may never find one as they get snapped up really quickly by those who can spot them.

Let’s dive in.

I have worked with many sales people over the last 20 years or so and more recently after starting my own businesses.

What follows is what I think makes a super hero sales person and how I would attract one. Strangely enough I am on the lookout for someone as my long-time friend has moved on…bummer, so if you’re on the lookout for a new challenge keep reading.

So, lets take this step by step. Just be aware that this process has to be shortened as its just far too long to go into here, I could write a book on this stuff…and maybe will 😉

Before we get to it did you know that in the UK its reckoned that one bad hire can cost a company £30,000 on average, imagine what that totals after about the 5th?

I reckon it can cost the larger companies millions. So why do most companies decide on the candidate after a 1-hour interview, yep I’ve done it myself, not anymore though I learned a new way.

A one-man bands

First off list the top 3 things that you would want a new sales person to do for you today to grow sales, the reward must be fantastic to get the top people you’re after, no skimping on this.

Next to each ‘thing’ write down what the bottom line would look like if they did a fantastic job. If this number is big enough people will share the reward with you.

Medium to large companies

You can do this for medium to large companies too, just think of 3 things you should be hiring for now and that could be replacing someone who isn’t a super hero sales person.

Now decide how much you could afford to pay them. We will get to this in another post, but it’s really important.

***What makes a super hero sales person?***

These are the type of people that can come into a shit situation, working with crap tools and next to no training and still out perform your best sales person in a couple of months.

The thing is, hiring someone like this is not down to luck, its down to personality traits for the position you’re hiring them for. But have to be able to spot them.

A lot of companies use the DISC method, something I’m sure Tina and Colin could explain far better than I ever could, I just know how to spot them from years of interviewing and observing. DISC stands for dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance. If you get the right mix of these in your super hero sales person you’re on to a winner.

There are a million combinations but what we are looking for is high dominance combined with high influence, why? Because high influence will let them bond with the client while high dominance will help them close the sale. The perfect combination.

Its reckoned that over 90% of salespeople give up after 1 maybe 2 rejections, it’s also reckoned that its 7 to 8 touch points before a client will agree to see you or buy something. So, the answer, plan for 12 ‘no’s and bugger off’s and you won’t be disappointed.

What you want, especially in a small business, is someone who will keep going back until they get a yes, you don’t have to keep telling them. There is a correct way to do this without pestering or becoming a complete tw4t!!!

So how do I advertise for the right super hero?

Here’s one I have used a few times since 2006:

“Listen, don’t even call unless you are an overachiever and can PROVE it.
What I am looking for is someone special who can help me build an empire. The company is progressive and a great place to work. At XYZ ltd we don’t hire wallflowers, we hire top people who produce. If you’re an average ‘Joe’ you might earn £40k, but if you’re a super hero you could earn £200k without breaking sweat. Young (wet behind the ears) or old (past it), if you have what it takes, and I’ll know, call me on…”

Now this baby does a few things but the main ones are:

It doesn’t ask for a CV, it doesn’t ask for 20 years’ experience and there is no mention of having computer skills or certificates. Why?

Because I want the best…

So what kind of person would apply to work with me?

Someone who has a strong sense of self, I never really knew how to describe this until I met Tina …so thanks 😉

This ad speaks to everyone who knows they can do it regardless of age or qualifications. Some haven’t proven themselves yet and some might be in their 70’s. One of the best salespeople I know is 72 and if I could I would hire them tomorrow. Most companies pass these people up as too young or too old…their loss, your gain.

I am going to stop there as this is getting longer than the Magna Carta …I will wrap it up in part two.

Have a fab day…

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