Here’s something we all could do with getting right…the dreaded follow up !

I was discussing this last week and its something most businesses don’t do at all…I was really surprised how many don’t after a sale…WTF

This is something every business should do regardless of being B2B or B2C…its all P2P these days.
If anything resonates with you here…fix it today.

Let’s take a common follow up problem:
Someone walks into your office, shop, restaurant, hotel, bar it doesn’t matter the business type this works for everyone.

You serve them the go away happy, (let’s get one thing straight before we dive deeper, this isn’t for low value items this is for the high-ticket stuff you sell, you will know what they are), have you got their email address and phone number before they disappear?

This is really important and something you should do at every turn so you can build up a strong list of your best clients.

Its 5 times more expensive to purchase a new client than it is to sell to an existing one…fact!

So, lets say you have their email address, when they get home with their new purchase imagine their surprise and delight when they open an email from you that’s thanks them for their purchase but also gets them to buy in a little deeper with you.

Here’s how…
You will have talked about personal stuff, holidays, kids, houses, sport if you aren’t doing this then you are missing a trick as everyone likes to tell you about themselves and it’s a great way to find out those little nuggets of information that you can use in your follow up.

Tell them how great it was to hear about their son getting married or their holiday of a lifetime and next time they come in you will tell them about the time you wrestled a lion for a KitKat…little humour goes a long way, as long as you don’t take the piss out of them…this is a no no.

And that bedroom furniture they just bought would look really good paired with a new mirror that you currently have in stock and that you have lots of ideas how they can make their room look fantastic..I’m making this stuff up but you get the idea of a great follow up.

It’s the best way to gain loyalty and buy in that I know and follow up emails are a great way of doing this. Phone calls are good to but you have to be really good at this not to turn them off, emails, I find work really well, because the person has time to digest what you’ve said without feeling pressured.

Have a look at your follow up process and make sure it’s working exactly as it should be to keep your clients.

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