I want you to think of this part of your NLT journey as the final chapter. This is where everything you have learned will come together and let you have the lifestyle you want and run the business that will fund that lifestyle.

We touched on this at the very beginning, if you haven’t read this post you should.

But this concept isn’t just about your business or where you currently work, you might be sitting at a desk reading this thinking “I have to do something different with my life before it’s too late.” Yes you do and I will help you.

I have dedicated my life to this aspect of the NLT system, thinking big not small because we are all guilty of it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but over the course of the coming weeks and months I will give you a system that will help you breakout of thinking small.

I have left this part of NLT to the end for a reason, this part will help tie everything up and make sense of why we are on this journey we are on together, yes I will be with you every step of the way to pick you up when you fall, to congratulate you when you do something fantastic for the first time and to help you in any way that I can.

You are not alone on this journey, that you can be sure of.

Thinking big not small has a lot of elements to it from self coaching right through to having a mentor, or 2. The most important element is recognising that something is wrong and that you have to fix it straight away. I am not of the opinion that it can’t be fixed, I just think that it takes longer if you don’t see it. Does that make sense?

As this is the introduction to thinking big not small I want you at ask yourself the following questions:

  • If retirement wasn’t an option how would it change my decision making process?
  • What if I could have a ‘soft retirement’ and have a taste of what my deferred life plan could be instead of working the next 20 years or so for it?
  • Do I really have to work every hour god sends to live the lifestyle I want?

These questions and more will form the beginning of how NLT can help you have a business that profitable and fun to own. Nobody wants to be saddled with a life and business they don’t want, so why not change it with some big thinking?

Now that you have the roadmap to help you succeed in your quest for a better way for life I want you to go back and read the first few arlicles on NLT, you should read them in this order:

  1. Starting out
  2. Mindset
  3. Taking the first steps
  4. Traction
  5. Momentum
  6. Work less enjoy more
  7. Think big not small

This is your road map and each section will contain articles that will help you conquer NLT. It will grow into a self help system that will stay with you forever.

I have created a Facebook group where we can discuss NLT, please head over and join if it’s something you would like to be part of.

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