“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

 – George Bernard Shaw

One of the most important lessons anyone, business owner or not, can learn is to change course when things aren’t working.

Something I said in the very first Next Level Thinking post “In the next post I will let into a secret, I will tell you how I turned the business and myself around by employing the ‘think big’ concept of NLT.”. What follows is that ‘secret’, if you can call it a secret because it was really just a waking up, a realisation that I was on the wrong path and that something needed to change before I either gave up or went mad from trying the same old things and them not working.

I think this was the time when I realised that Next Level Thinking [NLT] was something I could use, I had a sort of formula in my head I just needed to make sense of it and then get on with it. This can be one of the barriers that stop us achieving everything we want either in business or in life, the reluctance to change or to see that change is needed, if you have the same sort of thoughts you really need to think again as it could be seriously harming your business and your life going forward.

So how did I make this change? First thing was to come up with a strategy of change, as I said I had all this in my head I just had to make sense of it? The first strategy I came up with was a digital strategy to get the message out. Now you might be thinking that to run your business online you need millions of followers, let me tell you, you don’t, all you need is the ‘right’ followers. The days of managing millions of people has gone and really, you want it to. Most of these numbers are vanity number anyway, even the big guys like Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki and Gary Vee only get engagement from a small proportion of their followers, so don’t worry about numbers to begin with. Get the message out there and then build on the numbers with fantastic shareable content.

Think Big Not Small strategy.

My strategy was simple, get as much quality content out there and make sure people share it. I primarily used Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I still do today as they are the best channels for me to reach my audience. I have to say I do have a soft spot for Instagram and use it when I can.

Strategy number 1: only use the channels you can manage. Don’t think you have to be everywhere, you don’t. This can harm your business rather than promote it. At this point you are concentrating on quality content about your business and what you do that’s different. That’s the other part of the Think Big Not Small strategy, be different to everyone else in your niche.

Ask yourself these questions and implement them into your strategy:

  • Why should they buy from me and not my competitor?
  • What makes me/us different?
  • What can I offer that my competitors don’t?

Asking questions like this will help you find your place in the whole smorgasbord that is digital marketing, you want to stand out, you want to be different but the way to do this is through quality content be that a blog post /newsletter like this, video, podcasts or anything else you can think of, the point is it has to be quality or its just noise and no one will engage.

So what if no one does engage and your blog is a dessert that no one is visiting? This can be demoralising, it can stop you in your tracks and send you right back down the ladder to the old way of thinking. Don’t let it, success is just around the corner my friend, how do I know this? We have all been there. I am not naive enough to think that my content resonates with everyone, it doesn’t. Yours won’t either and that’s ok, like I said it’s not a numbers game when starting out, it’s a content game.

You are in the enviable position to be able to ‘test’ your content, find out what your audience like and don’t like. Your stats will tell you that. Try everything you can until you hit on what it is the majority of your audience like and respond to. You will lose people along the way, again that’s OK because you will gain people too. It’s a movable feast and you want it to be.

I have people that that have been with me from 2004 when I first started ‘blogging’. They stayed with me through thick and thin, the times when I could hardly think of things to write, when I couldn’t be bothered with digital marketing and when I thought I should give up and try something else. Thankfully I didn’t, I stuck with it.

The Think Big Not Small strategy is a great starting point and if like thousands of others you are not sure where to start can I suggest you download my free eBook Engage. Now I know what you’re thinking. “I knew he was going to sell us something, it was too good to be true.”

This eBook is free and it will help you get started with a strategy that will make sense of what I’ve been saying.

In later posts I will take you through the strategy in more detail outlining how to set it up and how to implement it for 1 to many people, yes its scalable so you can use it yourself or for 1000’s of staff.

That’s all for now, I hope this helps you with the Think Big Not Small strategy? Take care have a fantastic day and I’ll be with you again soon.

PS. I have created a Facebook group where we can discuss NLT, please head over and join if it’s something you would like to be part of.

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