Those First Steps

For some taking those first steps can be the most difficult part of owning and running a business that isn’t working because fixing the parts that aren’t can be a challenge. As we discussed in the last post changing your mindset is something that needs to be done sooner rather than later as the longer you leave it the harder it is to do.

So let’s assume that your mind is made up you know you have to change and the time is now, what do you do and how do you do it? Well there are 2 ways that have worked for me and my clients, number 1 is recognising that there is something wrong and the 2 is putting a plan in place to make the change.

  1. Number 1 we covered part of it in the last post
  2. This is where we start to formulate a plan

So what makes up our plan for success? Traction is a major part of it and getting to a stage where your online business, be it products or services, is sustainable and bringing in the returns you expect. You have to know how to market and sell your business to the right audience otherwise there is no point.

Now one thing I should make clear, we are not going to solve all your problems in this one post, so there will be a series of posts on this NLT subject, there are 7 steps to the NLT process, each one will help you break old habits and help you run a business that is profitable and fun.

Let’s take a look at each step in the process so you know what you are dealing with and how you can break old habits.

  1. The Beginning – this is the step that help you recognise that there is something wrong with your business and that it is time to change
  2. Mindset – this is the critical step that changes your perception of your business and how to promote and market it properly
  3. Taking the first steps – this is where we are now so keep reading
  4. Traction – our plan for success and how we create and implement that plan
  5. Momentum – now we have our plan in place how do we make sure we don’t lose momentum, this is a critical step in the process
  6. Work less and enjoy more – how do we create a business that is not only profitable but doesn’t need us to be in it all the time? I will show you how
  7. Think big not small – this final step leads us to a place of peace because it gives us the confidence to make anything work that we put our minds to. This is the exciting part, realising your possibilities

So in these vital first steps how do we create a strategy and plan that will work for your business? Well it’s quite simple, and it doesn’t matter what type of business you have, this process works for all online businesses.

My guess is that you have tried a lot of ‘marketing’ and ‘selling’ techniques and that up to now maybe some have worked in a limited way but nothing that will make your business profitable and fun to have. My guess is you have ‘pushed’ more than you have ‘pulled’. The reason I can say this will confidence is I did exactly the same, and so did most of my clients, until I came up with this simple process.

You’re Competitors

I think the first thing to remember when you start this process is that your competitors are making it really easy for you to succeed, why, because they are almost certainly doing what you are doing right now and that is not thinking about their clients and potential clients in a meaningful way.

In every industry there is the top player, the person that everyone goes to and in most cases their marketing is shocking, don’t get me wrong it might be selling but I bet it’s short term marketing and I also bet that its full of hype and high pressure, am I right?

If you want a quick check to what I’m saying is true head over to your inbox and open up the last email you got from this person and I can also bet that there are big claims on scarcity with nothing more that sales pressure. You might have to look deep but I know it’s there.

We should be firing off an email thanking them because this is perfect for you as it means there is a massive gap in the market for your products or services, its making your job super easy.

“We just have to be better than them to dominate the market…easy!”

When I first started doing this I am pretty sure we all bought the same stuff, you know the type of thing that is going to work and make your life so much better…the…you can’t live without it kind of thing. But it only kind of works and back then that was acceptable, in fact it was expected, in most cases almost worked was the norm.

The great thing about this mentality is, it still exists, people still think that kind of works is OK…brilliant…it gives you the perfect chance to scoop up all those dissatisfied people out there who want a little bit more.

All most people ever want is to be treated with respect and to be treated well. You can do that can’t you?

So you need to keep all this in mind as we progress through the 7 steps of NLT because this is at the heart of everything we do to build a business that’s profitable and fun.

This is the perfect place to stop as I really want you to research your market and find out who’s doing well and who sucks because its these people we are going to crush because you will do it so much better with very little effort.

So go do your research and I’ll see you soon.

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