Innovation is the lifeblood of any company, large or small. As some of you who follow me on Twitter might know I often put out statements like the one above, but what I rarely do is explain what this means to you and your company.

So why is innovation the lifeblood of all organisations, large and small? Well first off without it you will die, that’s a fact, in today’s connected 24/7 world if we don’t innovate we stand still and in some cases go backwards. There are lots of examples out there for us to refer to. Kodak springs to mind and no doubt you can think of a few too.

So how do you innovate within your organisation?

Well to begin with it starts with the people and the customers. The people within your company, and I hesitate to call them staff as this is such a derogatory word for people who keep you afloat and help grow your business, these people are fellow travellers that are either with you for a long-time or a short-time but however long they contribute more than you could ever know or you should. The same goes for customers.

What you should do continually to innovate is ask, try, learn, fail and repeat.

Don’t be afraid to do any of the above, whatever level you are at in the business, because without it you could become the next Kodak.

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