I wanted to start this post off by letting you know that I have just finished updating the original ENGAGE eBook, it was written in 2013 so an update is well overdue.

So what is ENGAGE? Well I first had the idea around 2010 and it was a concept on how businesses could engage with their audiences more productively and have conversations rather than the normal ‘push’ mentality that was prevalent back then.

I had this idea that not only would conversations help businesses get to know their audience on a deeper level they would also find out how they could better serve them.
I have stuck to this principle since then and so it seems have others, as it’s really started to grow over the last 3 to 4 years and that can only be a good thing. Now I am not trying to claim that all this is down to me but I like to think I had a small part to play.

Download the eBook

So what’s in the update?
Well to begin with it will still feature the core of the ENGAGE principle which is to be as ‘human’ as possible whether you are working from home on your own or you are the marketing manager of a large organisation responsible for overseeing all marking channels or you’re the owner of a large organisation. Anyone who is interested in digital and social marketing will really benefit from the eBook.
The ENGAGE concept will scale to any size you need it to.

What will you learn when you download the ENGAGE eBook?

  • You understanding and being you – this means you don’t come across as some big corporation, even if you are, you come across as a person, and why this is so important
  • A robust digital strategy and plan – if you don’t have one you need to think about it seriously and implement it today
  • How to fix your ‘publishing hub’ or website and why it’s so important that you have one, even if you have a Facebook page or blog to Medium
  • Why mobile is so important and what you can do to make sure you are not missing out
  • Email marketing – why it’s alive and kicking and you should be using it
  • Customer experience – are you losing customers? Find out why
  • Digital transformation – why it’s not just large organisations that should be thinking and implementing #DT
  • Growth hacking – you’ve heard the term no doubt but what it is and why it’s important not only for start ups but established businesses too
  • Plus a whole lot more as the eBook is over 100 pages

I will share with you proven ways to market your business online with success so you could take your business to the next level. Finding your niche and making it work for you is a great way to connect with your audience. ENGAGE makes sure you are connecting with the ‘right’ audience.

Download the eBook

Thanks for reading and please feel fee to leave a comment as I love to hear from you.

Keith McMean

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