I have been in some form of marketing for over 20 years now but I really became interested in digital marketing around 2002/3 when I could see that there was going to be an explosion, and maybe not a good one, for traditional marketing and advertising. Sadly I was right and with the birth of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn the landscape changed forever.

Some organisations took a long-time to adopt the new social marketing  and others were early adopters as they could see, quite rightly, that this was the way forward and a fantastic way to reach existing and more importantly new customers.

The ones that dragged their heels were the losers and in some cases are still playing catch up today. 

The introduction of the Smartphone really changed how we connect with customers forever as they were given the power to make decisions and give opinions quicker than ever before and they do. Again some brands were quick to adopt mobile usage for their customers and made sure that, where possible, they catered for them and others didn’t, again they were the losers.

So where does digital transformation and customer experience fit in to all of this?

Let’s take #DT first. Digital Transformation can be anything from making sure your website is mobile friendly to a full on strategy and plan that can be implemented by your #DT department/team.

But wait there are many steps to take before we get to that scenario. The biggest single factor of why brands don’t adopt #DT is the fact that it’s so complex and difficult to understand.

In fact a report by MIT and Capgemini Consulting, revealed that only 7% of leading brands exhibit a digital-first and agile mindset.

The study also revealed that the five main challenges for digital transformation are:

  1. Lack of knowledge
  2. Management support
  3. Insufficient understanding of importance
  4. Excessive complexity
  5. Goal definition

Download the 67-page report

So as you can see there is a long way to go before you can start the #DT revolution for your brand.

So what about those brands that have started? Well they are to be commended as they, at least, have seen the need to make a change.

You see the problem isn’t how to start, it’s when to start. The longer you wait the more catching up you have to do, your competitors are already in front and taking your customers every day that you dither.

So, if it’s so complex and difficult to implement why bother at all?

This is a common problem, and barrier to starting, for brands for all sorts of reasons. The culture of the organisation has a lot to do with this. Do you know the saddest and most disappointing phrase I hear? “We’ve always done it this way.” You have no idea how much this pisses me off. If you cannot see the reason to change then you will never change, that’s the whole crux of #DT and why you SHOULD change direction. Plus your customers will love you for it. #CX and #DT in perfect harmony.

Take the publishing industry. I worked in newspapers for a while and a more frustrating business there isn’t…of that I am sure. There are some really bright, talented, enthusiastic people who would love to embrace ‘digital first’ and change the culture to fit, but what do they come up against, yes you’ve guessed it “We’ve always done it this way.”

FFS wake up and smell the coffee, the number of people who are buying a newspaper or a magazine is declining quicker that support for President Trump. It’s a dying industry and they are clinging on like passengers on the Titanic. But it’s going down my friend, it will sink without trace, why, because we have so many different and more convenient ways to get the news delivered how and when we want it. So the smart thing to do would be lose all those high print costs and really embrace a sound #DT and #CX strategy. Somehow I think this will fall on deaf ears.

So, what is the purpose of my journey for #DT and #CX quite simply my friend I want to make it easier to understand and simpler to implement. I want to cut through all the bullshit and confusion that’s out there and help you and your brand embrace the change and the new culture you should have done a few years ago when the revolution started.

I remember the first time I heard the phrase social media marketing, my blood ran cold because I knew that confusion and panic would reign for a few years as it was so difficult and complicated to understand and as business owners we had so many other things to do. #DT and #CX are exactly the same, but they needn’t be.

I will simplify it all and help make sense of it with you.

Now you know why I am doing this it’s over to you. I want you to ask me as many questions as you like on the subjects and I will endeavour to answer them. I will of course be writing blog posts to explain things but if I am answering questions and concerns it will make it all the more interesting and educational for you and me.

So again, can I ask you a question?

“What’s the biggest barrier facing your #DT and #CX journey beginning today?”

Keith McMean


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