Digital transformation is one of those things that companies know they need but put off as long as the possibly can, some even start it but get lost in the process and revert back to the old and safe way of doing things and some just about get there but leave everything hanging. Which camp do you fall into?

The reason for this is twofold.

  1. They know they have to do it but not sure how to
  2. They get started and stall at the first or second hurdle

Technology has a lot to do with DT #fail as it can confuse and it can slow down the DT process because every company is caught up in tech.

Sometimes companies have just got to have the latest shiny thing that comes along, which is great if you know which shiny thing can help your customers and your business, but probably the worst is the ones that are stuck in the ‘old way’ of doing things because “this is how we’ve always done things, and it works”. When they look really closely they will find that it isn’t working at all and there is so much opportunity being missed.

So what’s changed? Digital capability and leadership.

Digital capability is fine but if your leaders don’t have the vision to execute then the transformation will fail and in most cases does.

Some companies are doing amazing things with digital because their leaders take time to understand the company and customer needs at the same time and how technology impacts on both. They empower employees to reach their goals and become the best that they can be, identify digital ambassadors within the company and help them at every stage of their development. This isn’t an accident this is a well thought out strategy and plan that is executed to succeed.

To master the digital transformation that your company needs to survive and thrive isn’t easy but it is achievable.

The Technology Wave

We have seen the rise of driverless cars, drones, almost human like robots, mobile technology, cloud storage and computing and the millions of sensors that surround us on a daily basis, the list is endless and it’s growing at a rate faster than ever before. The data that this will produce is mind boggling but this data will help companies make sense of the digital world and it will help in the transformation of that company.

Where to start?

In this information driven world it’s easy to say stay put and do nothing. But to do that is missing a trick.

Build digital capabilities by looking at the processes you have in place, can you improve them do they need reworked to make them perform better, my guess is they do. Customer engagements, are they as good as they can be, is every customer touch point as good as it can be? What about business models could they be improved?

Leadership capabilities are built into the model above that envision and drive transformation. Each is really important on its own but put them together and you have the start of your Digital Transformation journey.

If your company is struggling with Digital Transformation check out the list below, it’s not exhaustive but it’s a start, and take a long hard look at what you do and how you do it

Digital capabilities – investments, capabilities and how it fits together can these be improved?

Customer engagement – go beyond the website. Websites are a great start but there is so many more ‘connectors’ out there that can really help your customer experience are you taking advantage of them in a way that benefits you and your customer?

Operational processes – digital can help you improve efficiency, make you more agile in what you do, lead customer experience and engagements and help build a new business model

Business models – you can reconfigure how you deliver services and products, create new ones in the process and stay one, or even two, steps ahead of your competitors with the right implementation

Leadership capabilities – making the change can be tough but this has to be driven from the top down, it has to be lead in a way that instils confidence and inspiration into the workforce. Change has to happen on every level

Make some changes today, even if its small ones to begin with, but start on the path to Digital Transformation because if you don’t your competitors will or maybe even have done in which case you are already behind.

Have a fab day.

Keith McMean



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