So how do you know that what you are selling is right for your customers? Short answer…you don’t…YET!

This is a simple system I use this when writing and editing copy for my posts or when I am coming up with a new product or service.

Every line of copy…

Every idea…

Every possible product or service idea…

I always ask: ‘who cares’

People want OTHER people to get excited about their product/service, and for that you need to be speaking in the language of BENEFITS and not FEATURES

‘I am an online trainer specialising in training granny’s to windsurf’

‘Who cares’

‘I have a great marketing product’

‘Who cares’

‘My coaching helps business get past their limiting beliefs’

‘Who cares’

To be honest most people consider it only from their point of view, and as the product/service creator – your view will, of course, be biased…you’re only human after all, we all get attached.

My advice?

Run EVERYTHING through this simple thought process…

Here’s a simple tip that sounds tough – but is true:


What they care about is what you and your product/service can do for THEM, this really is as harsh as it sounds – it’s also true.

But knowing the answer to the following will help:

  • What are the benefits to the customer?
  • What pain points am I solving?
  • What level of pleasure am I bringing to the customer once they have used my service/product?
  • What is the hook or unique mechanism that makes my product/service stand out?
  • Why me/my product from the CUSTOMER’S point of view (this is critical)?

When you leverage empathy you can create copy, services and products that fulfil a need, make a difference and don’t need aggressive sales letters or tactics as it is tailored for them

And here’s a tip, when I coach or consult with people I use what I’m giving you (so if you want to know what’s in my head, let’s be honest, who does, I have a king kong of a course that condenses around $5K worth of mentoring, coaching and consultancy – as well as a biz dev for marketers in one place: (you can get that here)

I know this sounds simple – but it’s a brutally effective tool at sharpening up your words and your focus to make sure what you sell is as good as it can be and more importantly, your customers need/want it.

I simply ask ‘who cares’ over and over and over again – if people can’t get 3-4 layers deep with me on the ‘so what’ test – and answer me from the CUSTOMERS point of view? I tell them to rethink and redo it until they can.

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