The Art of Social Strategic Thinking

The Art of Social Strategic Thinking

Using strategic thinking as a method of running and growing your business can sometimes be the one thing that stops you dead in your tracks. This is exactly the same when it comes to your social marketing efforts.

You see most business owners are stuck in the ‘working in the business’ instead of working ‘on the business’ mentality. You will hear me say lots of times, “think deeply” about a problem and you will find a solution. Now some people can do this well and without thinking about it. But sadly most small to medium size businesses never give themselves the time to think deeply about anything. Everything is running at breakneck speed. Sometimes this is a good thing but most times it’s a bad thing. Keep reading…

Digital Transformation – “WTF”

Digital Transformation – “WTF”


Digital transformation is one of those things that companies know they need but put off as long as the possibly can, some even start it but get lost in the process and revert back to the old and safe way of doing things and some just about get there but leave everything hanging. Which camp do you fall into?

The reason for this is twofold.

  1. They know they have to do it but not sure how to
  2. They get started and stall at the first or second hurdle

Technology has a lot to do with DT #fail as it can confuse and it can slow down the DT process because every company is caught up in tech. Keep reading…

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