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It’s not a numbers game!

It’s not a numbers game!

I was looking through my Facebook timeline this morning when I came across an article by a guy telling people what not to do when approaching people to buy services or products.

The guy had some good points but where I take issue is the following:

If Katie had bothered to do some research here, she would have come across some interesting figures….

At the time of writing this article, she currently has 618 ‘likes’ for her company on Facebook.
I have 2,802.

She currently has 8 testimonials on LinkedIn.
I have 233.

She currently has 1,669 followers for her company on Twitter.
I have 19,603

Does anyone else see a problem with her trying to sell me Social Media services here?!! (more…)

So why does your business need Social Media?

I gave a talk on Friday 16th march 2012 on this very subject and below is pretty much what I spoke about, give or take, so I hope you enjoy it and take something from it.

The talk started off with how social media can impact on your business and that if you aren’t using it in some way then you are really missing out. The way that businesses us social media can really determine how success can be measured. I always advocate the following if you are a new business: (more…)

Creating ‘Sticky’ Content – Part One

Creating ‘Sticky’ Content – Part One

So how do you connect with your Tribe and keep them coming back to your blog time and again? Sticky Content!

Sticky Content

It’s a simple term but most bloggers get it wrong and do you know why? Well first off most blog posts are just too long, I don’t know about you but after a few paragraphs they have lost me if I don’t find it resonates with me and it takes a lot to get me back.

Small can be best and keep it engaging and in your voice, by that I mean it must come from you, the idea might have started somewhere else but the story must be yours.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

I was walking through town the other morning on the way to the office, I had picked up my coffee and was just taking in a beautiful warm sunny morning when a guy came up to and said “You used to be at school with me in Pillar house”, our school was in sections back then, and he continued on with his story reminiscing about what we used to get up to before I even had the chance to tell him that he was at least two years below me a school and we were in totally different houses, I was in Ulpha!

This didn’t matter one bit because what it did do was build up an instant connection, bond, rapport, whatever you like to call it. We ended up talking as if we had known each other for years and in fact we did have a connection, we went to the same school and we did know some of the same people.

What this proves is that people will come to you, they do want to listen to what you have to say, so use social media in the same way and build up your connections.

Here are a few of my thoughts on achieving this:

Use your voice – this is easy to say but really difficult to achieve, sometimes when I write a new blog post and send it out to my Tribe, sometimes I will get an email or a comment to say something along these lines. “Keith before you get to the ‘meat and tatties’, tell me something nice first, I want to hear about you and what you are up to and then tell me about your service”. The point is remember you are speaking to real people, this isn’t just selling, this is selling to friends, your Tribe, so treat them with the respect they deserve and NEVER take them for granted.

It’s Not About YOU!

Remember when writing you blog post its about your Tribe, NOT you! Yeah I know sometimes you have to give them what they need but the rule should be them and always use inclusive language that everyone gets.

Tell Stories:

We all have experiences, stories to tell, and these must be used in your writing. Tell them about your challenges and your fears as your Tribe can relate to this, as they will probably have the same challenges and fears themselves. This will engage your readers and have them coming back for more.

You Tribe are a fickle bunch and keeping them happy is a fulltime job but once you have that connection, that bond this lays the foundation to build a fantastic and long lasting relationship where they will love your content and services this will keep them coming back for more.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding to this post and will give you some great tips and thoughts on how to keep your Tribe happy and coming back for more.

Remember we are conditioned to take content is small chunks so keep it that way.

 What’s your story? How do you connect with your Tribe, I would love to know, it would be great if you could leave me a comment below. I am really really interested in your opinion.

photo credit: chatirygirl

Is Social Media Becoming Boring?

Is Social Media Becoming Boring?

BoredI read an interesting article last night that got me thinking, Is Social Media Becoming Boring?

I look through my Twitter lists on TweetDeck and realised that the bulk of them are on how women of a certain age prefer Twitter to Facebook and others that tell me the latest must have stats from over the pond and I have come to the conclusion WHO CARES?

I joined my social networks to connect with people who have interesting things to say and share knowledge with each other not to have a constant stream of useless information and statistics chucked at me.

If Cameron tweeted what he proposes for the health service now that would be a conversation worth following, but will it happen, I doubt it?

So I have come to the conclusion that if I get this stream of drivel for much longer I will unfollow the culprits, I don’t care if I have a dozen people following me or me following them at least they will be my Tribe, I will want to listen to them and them to me.

I want stuff that is interesting not that someone in India has a bigger chance of using Social Media than someone in Bolivia…I really don’t care.

Let me know what you think I would be really interested to find out if you find this as boring as I do?

If I get enough response I will add it into my keynote stalk at Social Media week in Glasgow on the 23rd September.

photo credit: Joshme17

Attract your Tribe!

Attract your Tribe!

When we had our Splash event a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of inviting one of my great friends from way back Kath Temple. Kath runs a number of successful companies to name but a few.

Listening to Kath speak was a pleasure for all of us who attended the event but one thing that really struck a cord with me was when she began talking about ‘Tribes’ and how you attract them.

Now we all know the feeling when someone unsubscribe’s from our newsletter or stops following us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. We get a little anxious that we are doing something wrong or that we have ‘upset’ them in some way. But as Kath quite rightly says “they are not our tribe” so with that they are not really meant to be following us as our message isn’t really speaking to them in the way we thought or hoped it might.

So what can we do? (more…)

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