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Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

So you have taken the plunge and jumped on the social media bandwagon, and now you are creating social media marketing plan. Well, guess what? I have taken ALL the hard work out of it for you.

Here I have assembled an easy step by step guide to creating a social media marketing plan that anyone can put to work right now. Whether it’s in your free time, or you want to make this into a full time job, I want you to know that following these steps really works.

Step One: Who do you need to find your site? Spend a while researching this as it really reaps rewards. Start broad, and then get precise but try and keep it simple also. This should make finding you really easy.
Think about when somebody is doing a search, what actual solutions or services will your site provide? Do you fill a ‘real’ need for people out there and make sure you are not just wasting theirs or your time. (more…)

Social Media can be hard for Small Businesses

Every day I get asked by small business owners “how difficult is it to get started in social media?” well the short answer is it can be very difficult and here are a few reasons why:

Which platform?
There seems to be a new platform springing up every day, I have just located and am trying I will let you know how that goes? But I think the main question of “which one” can be answered by the company themselves because this can be broken down into the following: (more…)

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