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Let’s make some changes?

So here’s the thing, I was in London over the weekend for a seminar held by the wonderful Joanna Martin about making a change or shift in your business and your personal life and I have to say that I really ‘got it’ and came away with lots of great Ideas and some cool thoughts on how I can implement some of what was talked about in my business.

Now one of the great things about attending these seminars is the diverse people you meet, and I love meeting people and hearing their ‘stories’ it’s what makes it for me. I have been to some of the worst run and badly planned seminars and workshops imaginable but I always come away making new and firm friends. So was I pleased that not only were there great people there but it was, as I said, a fantastic seminar. (more…)

Social Marketing Event


It seems there is a lot of interest in the workshops but I could be moving to a larger office in the next month or so that will allow me to hold them there so I will keep you posted.

As for a definate date, once I know I will post it here!!

I will be holding a social marketing business taster in September, date to be confirmed but its looking like Energus will be the venue. I will be adding more details of what the ‘taster’ will contain as the weeks roll on but I will post more info as I get it.

Please leave a comment if you would like to attend, I am working on a booking system so please keep checking back, I am adding it to my ‘todo’ list now.

This will be the start of a fantastic autum and winter range of seminars covering lot’s of topics.