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Social Media can be hard for Small Businesses

Every day I get asked by small business owners “how difficult is it to get started in social media?” well the short answer is it can be very difficult and here are a few reasons why:

Which platform?
There seems to be a new platform springing up every day, I have just located and am trying I will let you know how that goes? But I think the main question of “which one” can be answered by the company themselves because this can be broken down into the following: (more…)

Facebook…are they getting it right?

Facebook…are they getting it right?

“To improve your experience and promote consistency across the site, we’ve changed the language for Pages from “Fan” to “Like.” We believe this change offers you a more light-weight and standard way to connect with people, things and topics in which you are interested.”

That was the statement from Facebook when they decided to replace being fans with ‘liking’.

Now I am not sure how this will affect a business and its brand? It can take a lot of time and effort for a business to build up its client base and brand and just like Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi states in his book Lovemarks this can transcend just ‘liking’ a brand.

For anyone who has attended my seminars or workshops on Social Marketing this forms a part of what we discuss and put into practise and how someone ‘loving’ your brand can make such a big difference to it performance and ultimately bottom line. Think why McDonald’s changed its strap line to ‘I’m Loving It! That word love is such an emotive thing and is being used more and more in the business world.

My own experiences with loving a brand started when I got my first car, yes it’s a boy thing I know, it was a green Mini, not just and Mini but a British Racing Green Mini. Now those who know me know I am over 6ft tall so not really suited to driving a Mini but that didn’t stop me from having four throughout my driving life, I just love them and would have another tomorrow if given the chance. So now I have become what’s known as a brand ambassador for Mini as I tell anyone and everyone how much I love them.

If you think about your own brands and what you love not like about them I am sure you can come up with a list of more than four?

Here’s my brand list, off the top of my head, just to get you started:

  • Mini
  • Premier drums
  • Cyrus HiFi
  • Internet
  • Jaguar

So I have to say that I personally think Facebook have got it wrong as people are fans of brands and I think if you just like something you can take it or leave it and in these times I think that can be a dangerous thing for a business and brand.

Let me know what you think are Facebook right and do you agree with loving a brand etc?

photo credit: Facebook

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