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Show us what you’re made of!

Show us what you’re made of!

If you subscribe to more than one social channel the chances are you will see the same update from the same people on all their channels, this is laziness brought on by the rise of social management tools such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Friends+Me. Now don’t get me wrong I use these tools too but it’s usually just for testing purposes for clients or if I am feeling lazy, yes it happens to me too, on occasion.

But the worst thing is when I see supposed marketing ‘gurus’ (I hate that term) stuffing their walls and streams with Buffer and Feedly posts all the time. Yes we have all done it when we were starting out and needing to be ‘everywhere’ but why do you think there are statements like “there’s nothing original on the web” or “everyone is just re posting the same thing”. We have to be careful the marketing web doesn’t become dull and full of the same stuff.

It’s true we are becoming lazy online marketers and it has to stop my friends or all credibility is lost.

If you’re into marketing, social marketing, online marketing or any other marketing at least have the balls to write and post your own content from time to time…FFS. If you’re selling your services to clients and potential clients let them see that you know what you’re talking about, it’s a real chance to get noticed, showcase your skills and maybe get some good quality work. If you repost other people’s stuff all the time you will lose all credibility. People that do this are called a ‘fake experts’ I can pretty much guess that you have heard the term before. They have no real ‘message’ to give so they just repost other peoples stuff or worse they don’t want to give anything away just in case…just in case what? Please don’t become one of them.

Its fine to repost stuff don’t get me wrong when I come across great content that I think my tribe will like, out it goes, but I am really choosey on the stuff I share, why? Because I respect my tribe and I won’t just feed them any old crap just so I can send out an update or be noticed. Like my mum used to say “if you don’t have anything good to say…don’t say anything” this is true in life and online my friends.

So come on, don’t be lazy, showcase your skills to the world, give away your best stuff in posts, video, infographics or whatever the hell you’re into but don’t just repost other peoples stuff all the time.

Be yourself online and have a great time doing it. I can guarantee that you will attract a tribe and clients that will love you.

Have a great day!


Setting Goals and playing in a Band

Setting Goals and playing in a Band

As a drummer I have to set goals for myself to learn songs, become a better drummer through practice and encourage other drummers where I can. All these elements and more really do help me to get better and more focused.

I do this in small increments: I listen to new songs so I can get the ‘feel’ of the song. I never copy a song because I learned long ago if I want to grow and become better I have to add my own personality into the song. Anyway I couldn’t copy a drummer per say as I don’t have the discipline and don’t want it. I practice on a pad every now and again, not too keen on this bit. The part I like the best is practicing with the band, I love this. The interaction, the noise and just playing with other musicians is such a ‘high’ for me this is when I learn the most. I also have to listen and compliment the other band members, it’s not about me because I am the engine room along with the bass player. We keep everything ticking along.

So how do you and I transpose this strategy into our daily business lives? Well for me its small increments again. I plan everything I do, I have a daily planner that I have had for a while now, you can get a copy of it when you sign up for the email newsletter, plus a lot more good stuff. I write everything down I need to do for that day. Then I go bigger! I plan the things I have to do for the week and then the month and before you know where you are a plan and the formulation of a strategy for your life and your business is born.

Just like playing my drums I am at my best when I am with people, I get a little ‘stir crazy’ if I am in the office for any length of time. Sometimes I just have to get on with it if I am putting learning programs together but on the whole I like to be out training or consulting.

Think about your business as a band, the band members are your staff, your clients and your suppliers. Your new songs are your potential clients so you always have to be listening for new ones. To me this is a great comparison and one which I can ‘get my head around’ to run the business.

So you have to be on the lookout for new songs but don’t get complacent with the old ones. A lot of the time a band will make a mistake is on the songs it’s been playing a long-time, they become complacent, this is something I think we do with clients. They are there and we just expect them to be. The excitement comes in learning new songs, we forget about the ones that have got us there. This can and does happen with our clients. When a band play at functions its surprising how many of the old songs are requested, especially weddings, because people love that familiarity and the songs they know and can sing along to. The band just want to play the new ones. Think back to the last time you got excited about an old client? When was the last time you contacted them? Precisely!!!

So now you’re in a band pick your songs carefully and don’t forget about the old ones because they are your bread and butter. You need new ones of course to keep everything fresh and up to date and to retain that excitement but you also have band members to consider, it’s not your band its a group effort.

This is exactly the same with your business. If you didn’t have staff, suppliers, clients etc you wouldn’t have a business.

I hope this has given you an insight into how you start your band and keep it together, set your goals and then work on your plan and strategy.

If you would like to find out more about how I create my goals and how I can help you to set your please follow this link

Creating Value

Creating Value

A lot of online marketers think that creating value is just about putting out a few updates on social channels and writing the odd blog post every month. I have a wakeup call for you, it’s changed!

I read a post on Google Plus by David Sutton that was very thought provoking and basically what David was say was that on most social channels Google Plus included, there was very little original content and people were just sharing the same stuff. He has a point.

The secret to increasing you’re tribe and selling you’re services or products is to always come up with fresh original content. This gets you ahead of the game and seen as an authority in your niche. Yes its fine to share interesting stuff from around the social sphere but you have to come up with your own if you are going to make you’re mark.

Its not difficult to work out, just look at the pain points of you’re tribe, what’s really stopping them from making that all important breakthrough, and then you supply the solution, in vast quantities. The proviso of course is it has to be quality content or there just isn’t any point. How do you know if its quality content? Go back to the start, if other people like and share it then you know you’re on to something. If they don’t go back to the drawing board and work out a way of doing this.

For my own experiences the ‘best’ storytellers are the ones who ultimately win because we all conditioned to be receptive to stores from our school days. So think about different ways you can wrap your knowledge up in stories.

I am just in the process of putting together a Social Marketing ‘Toolkit’ that will only be available to my email subscribers, the sign up box is at the top of the page, this is another great way of adding value to what you do because it gives your tribe valuable information on how to get started and keep the momentum going.

I have loads of interesting articles, whitepapers and videos that I have written and produced over the years so I thought why not tweak it and create a Toolkit that people can subscribe to. In the toolkit are PDF’s, videos, webinar recording in fact all sorts of stuff that people will find helpful with their online marketing. All they do in return in sign up to my email list. I send out an email maybe once or twice a week that’s packed with help and advice for my tribe.
At the moment I have over 20k signed up so I must be doing something right.

This is a great way to add value to what you offer. Repurpose some of your, I hesitate to call it ‘old stuff’ but you know what I mean. I am sure you have lots of it lying around that you could repackage and give a a value added to your tribe.

This is a great way of keeping up to date but also getting your own ‘stuff’ out there instead of just ‘resharing’ all the time.

I hope I have given you something to think about and please feel free to leave me a comment.

It would also be great if you signed up to the email newsletter, you get a fantastic Social Marketing Toolkit absolutely free 😉

Dave’s original article: Click here

ENGAGEment Marketing

ENGAGEment Marketing

After watching a Relationship Marketing HOA yesterday, I watched the rerun with Wade Harman David Amerland Chef Dennis Littley and Mark Traphagen , it really got me thinking about online marketing and how we are and should be approaching it in this age of transparency and authenticity?

ENGAGEment marketing is a concept I have been thinking about and mulling over in my head for a few years now and I have come to the conclusion that without ENGAGEment or commitment marketing you really have nothing. I am not claiming to coming up with the term it just seemed to fit what I was thinking about at the time.

The Old Days of Marketing

You see years ago it was really easy to set up squeeze and sales pages on your website to get people to either sign up for a course or give you their email address so you could contact them with messages and offers and on the whole this worked well. Although this is an over simplified version of what really happened but you get the picture and I am sure you have all had these messages from time to time. This was a sales funnel at its best and for some it really worked. There was nothing wrong with this approach as long as you weren’t spamming the people on your list but other than the odd email back and forth there wasn’t what you would call a lot of ‘engagement’ between the two parties, it was a pretty one sided affair. Some say that the sales funnel is well and truly dead now but let’s wait and see before we hold the funeral.

Today’s Marketing

Well today it’s a whole lot different because of social media and the advent of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn and latterly Google Plus. These platforms changed everything they gave people who had no knowledge of, or inclination to create a website, a voice. Yes there was blogging before this but that was just for a few ‘die hards’ that really wanted to be heard, myself included. But now everyone had a voice and they weren’t afraid to use it, for god and bad.

Brands were finding out all too quickly that if they didn’t change their ways and put the customer or client first their reputations were severely damaged, some didn’t recover from this and went under. Others caught on really quickly and saw the potential to engage and ultimately ‘sell’ to their audience.

So how has this changed today? Well it’s changed in a few ways. People who had the dreams but not the cash to start a business are finding it’s not really that hard because with little money you can broadcast your message, your services or products to the world for a relatively small sum. This has opened the floodgates on social platforms to all sorts of fantastic people and their businesses. But its also seen scams and dishonest people rise through the ranks too. What can be done about it? Well on the face of it you wouldn’t think very much but that’s where Google Plus has really changed the game and in such a big way it’s really getting people to rethink their strategies and how they conduct themselves and their business online.

With a big change in how Google algorithms work authorship and authenticity have become the watch words. You can now make sure that your content says ‘your content’ and being honest and transparent in everything you do is now the new currency online. No longer will the ‘shady’ or ‘dishonest’ rule or even be allowed to operate because everything is now based on trust and transparency like never before. To find out more about semantic search and how it works follow David Amerland on Google Plus

ENGAGEment or Commitment Marketing

So how is this affecting the online marketer today? Well if their honest and they put their clients and tribe first then it is a gateway to a fantastic new and loyal audience, if they don’t it won’t. The major shift for me is the engagement with the prospective client or customer. Never before has there been so much open dialogue between the two and I for one welcome it. You do however have to ‘lay yourself bare’ because people want to know who you are and how you operate, this builds trust. It is a lot of hard work but if you do it with the right intentions then it’s immensely rewarding and not to say profitable.

Being your authentic self can be daunting for some but without it you will struggle to ‘fit in’ and this is why you hear people say, especially of Google Plus, “it’s a ghost town” or “nobody I know is there”. It wasn’t a ghost town when I joined a few years ago admittedly there wasn’t many people there that I knew but luckily for me I love meeting new people and making new friends but the change I wasn’t prepared for was the conversations and how deep some of them were and still are. Something I had never experienced on any other platform. You have to fully commit to Google Plus like no other platform out there. Just like offline you have to spend time with friends and you have to spend time making new ones because for marketers these people can quickly turn into clients.

The biggest single thing for me, if I had to be pinned down, would be the trust element that’s shared on Google plus. Just like offline you have to earn it but if we go back a little remember when I spoke about authenticity and honestly this also has to work offline too. But the main difference, until now, was online nobody saw you, you were invisible to the person you were engaging with. That has been blown out of the water with Google Hangouts. Now we can see each other and interact fully and for me it’s great. I look forward to the day when instead of writing this I can be sitting with you on the screen and we are all taking part in fantastic dialogue, its nearly there but not quite.

So engagement or commitment marketing, what have we learned? Well I know that if you are your authentic self, warts and all, you will find your place on social platforms. If you want meaningful conversations and deeper friendships that would be on Google Plus. But as marketers you have to be yourself and look after and nurture your tribe because if you don’t they will move on to the next person or brand really quickly leaving you bemused as to why this has happened.

Now What?

You have to first commit to yourself that you will be the ‘best person’ you can be, without this commitment there really is no point. Then you must commit to give the ‘best of yourself’ to your tribe and they will return the favour tenfold. This will be, for you my friend, commitment marketing at it best.

Have a fantastic day!



How much Value are you Giving?

How much Value are you Giving?

As some of you might know I am a drummer of sorts and I only bring it up in the business world when I think its relevant.

The video below is of John Bonham, the Led Zeppelin drummer, and I use this example of his Moby Dick drum solo to pose a few questions and get you thinking about your business, your audience and the value and expertise you bring to them.

“How much value are you bringing your audience?”

[embedplusvideo height=”350″ width=”600″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=XdJWPgzS_lQ&width=600&height=350&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=1&autoplay=0&react=0&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep4083″ /]

The reason I ask this is because John Bonham is still been talked about as one of the most influential drummers of all time, not just in rock drumming either, over 20 years after his untimely death.

If you watch this drum solo carefully as a business owner you can pick out things that resonate, or they should.

  1. He has learned his craft by watching and learning from the great drummers before him
  2. He doesn’t play to the audience or showboat. He is giving them maximum value
  3. His concentration and attention to detail is unquestionable
  4. Everything is in perfect sync, its seamless
  5. There is lots of light and shade in what he does, he doesn’t do the same thing over and over again
  6. The audience are mesmerized, just think how many people are at that gig and how transfixed they are with his skill
  7. Every drummer there, and since, wants to be him
  8. He experiments with different sounds and textures
  9. He cares about the audience and how they are feeling at anyone time
  10. This fantastic drum solo didn’t happen by accident it was crafted over many months and years

These are just 10 examples of a drum solo that you can apply to your business and remember this was performed in 1975!!!

If you want to be the John Bonham of your niche ask yourself, “What value am I bringing to my audience?”

Please watch all three videos.

Have a great day 😉


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