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Building a Buzz around your Brand!

Building a Buzz around your Brand!

Building a Buzz around your Brand!Marketing, as we know it, has been around for a long time. It first started with word of mouth marketing and this was passed mainly among family and friends. This still happens today but has expanded through networking events and seminars etc

So how do you build a ‘buzz’ around your company and have others rush to talk about you and your company? Well this isn’t something that happens overnight, in fact it can and take quite a while depending on your strategy and your ability to get people involved at ALL levels.

The time for greater understanding and leadership is upon us, this doesn’t really matter if you’re a ‘one man band’ or a multinational company the time has come to think holistically on how you introduce your company and your people in to the mix? This calls for new processes, systems as well as perspective and direction that you must give them. This won’t be easy and it will probably be a lengthy process but you can make it fun as well as profitable. (more…)

Are we still on track and getting it right?

Are we still on track and getting it right?

I wrote a post a while ago asking if Cumbrian businesses were getting it right when using social networking / marketing tools? So I thought “let’s open it out to the wider world”. Has this process help you win any new business or anything you could say that all your efforts are worth it?

From my own point of view I love these new tools and will continue to use them at every opportunity but here’s a short list what I found works for me and my company:

  • I only use the tools when I have the time or something worthwhile to say.
  • I don’t let it interfere with the day to day running of the business like I did in the early days.
  • I listen a lot more, that might be because of the above?
  • I am careful who I connect with, I want quality not quantity.
  • I nurture all connections not just a few who I think will bring in work.

A short list I know but when you really think about who you connect with regularly and why then it all becomes clear why you are using these tools in the first place.

I have been spending a bit of time on Facebook recently to find out more about how it can impact not only on the business but on me personally, the results were interesting, but that’s for another post!

Anyway let me know what you think and how being part of the ‘community’ has changed you and your business?

Social Marketing Event


It seems there is a lot of interest in the workshops but I could be moving to a larger office in the next month or so that will allow me to hold them there so I will keep you posted.

As for a definate date, once I know I will post it here!!

I will be holding a social marketing business taster in September, date to be confirmed but its looking like Energus will be the venue. I will be adding more details of what the ‘taster’ will contain as the weeks roll on but I will post more info as I get it.

Please leave a comment if you would like to attend, I am working on a booking system so please keep checking back, I am adding it to my ‘todo’ list now.

This will be the start of a fantastic autum and winter range of seminars covering lot’s of topics.

What’s so different?

What’s so different?

Whats so different?I was thinking this morning how much I use social marketing on a daily basis now compared to say a year ago, my site now reflects this, so what’s so different now to a year ago?
Well now it such a part of our lives, especially those of us who use the Internet for our living and I also thought who else uses it to great advantage? Looking through the guys I follow there are the obvious ones Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin to name but a few. These are a given for anyone who uses SM but what about closer to home?
I searched my lists on Tweetdeck and names kept popping up regularly

Now this is just a shortlist to illustrate my point and all these guys are based within Cumbria, twelve months ago they might not have even thought about using SM to market their businesses, I apologise to you all if this is not the case, but I think it’s great that all these businesses are now utilising all SM platforms to market their businesses. Plus they send out lots of relevant and good quality tweets

Let me know how you use it to promote your business?

photo credit: ellie

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