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Social Media can be hard for Small Businesses

Every day I get asked by small business owners “how difficult is it to get started in social media?” well the short answer is it can be very difficult and here are a few reasons why:

Which platform?
There seems to be a new platform springing up every day, I have just located and am trying I will let you know how that goes? But I think the main question of “which one” can be answered by the company themselves because this can be broken down into the following: (more…)

Building a Buzz around your Brand!

Building a Buzz around your Brand!

Building a Buzz around your Brand!Marketing, as we know it, has been around for a long time. It first started with word of mouth marketing and this was passed mainly among family and friends. This still happens today but has expanded through networking events and seminars etc

So how do you build a ‘buzz’ around your company and have others rush to talk about you and your company? Well this isn’t something that happens overnight, in fact it can and take quite a while depending on your strategy and your ability to get people involved at ALL levels.

The time for greater understanding and leadership is upon us, this doesn’t really matter if you’re a ‘one man band’ or a multinational company the time has come to think holistically on how you introduce your company and your people in to the mix? This calls for new processes, systems as well as perspective and direction that you must give them. This won’t be easy and it will probably be a lengthy process but you can make it fun as well as profitable. (more…)

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