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Strategy, Planning and Implementation

Strategy, Planning and Implementation

Strategy, Planning and ImplementationThree little words that can be so powerful but without them all in sync your campaign can be a none starter. In my last post, Building a Buzz around your Brand! – Part Two, creating a buzz through Social Media is a great way to launch a campaign or service etc. But let’s face it without Strategy, Planning and Implementation you might as well forget it.

Your campaign can be an online email marketing campaign, it can be posting leaflets through letter boxes or it can be launching a product or service for a client, it doesn’t really matter, everything should be in place before you even contemplate setting out!

Let’s take them one at a time:


Without a sound strategy your campaign is doomed from the start. Do you want to achieve some or all of the following?

  • ŸMore sales
  • More customers
  • A greater reach in your specific field
  • More qualified leads
  • A better quality of candidate

This list could be endless, but it’s your list. (more…)

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