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Marketing or Branding?

Marketing or Branding?

Most people think that its one or the other and really its not.

Your brand is you and your marketing effort is how you promote your brand. Don’t get these two mixed up.

There are lots of ways to market your brand, you can do it aggressively or passively its really up to you and the style you are comfortable with.

The amount of headline grabbing email subject lines I see dropping into my mail box is on the rise, stuff like. “Like more sex?” but then the body of the email is all about their latest gadget or car, come on…this isn’t doing your brand any good at all. I hasten to add the subject line is for example purposes only and I would not advocate that you open or even look at such emails, I don’t! 😉

Market to others as you would like to be marketed to yourself!

Let me explain this statement. Imagine the scenario you’re just about to sit down to dinner with friends when the doorbell rings. Standing there is a double glazing salesman, yes we’ve all been there. He asks if you’re interested in double glazing? Now usually two things happen. First you point out that you have double glazing and you don’t need anymore. Usually this ends with him forcing his card into your hand and saying “Call when you decide to change?” and off he goes down the street to bug one of your neighbours. Second scenario, you can’t get rid of him no matter what you say, in the end up we always saying something rude and close the door. Now you might not be 6’ 1”, that’s usually enough. But sometimes they ring the doorbell again and start their pitch all over. Yeah this is really annoying and more often than not ends badly for the salesman.

Timing is everything, if someone rings my doorbell while I’m having dinner then chances are it won’t get answered, why? Because this is family or friends time.

Just imagine doing this through email or your social channels, how annoying does it get for the recipient? Before you know where you are your follower numbers have dropped and not a bit of wonder.

Send out your marketing messages when its convenient for your tribe, if you don’t know when this is…ask!

Always, and I do mean always have messages and updates that are inline with your brand. Our brand is a fairly relaxed brand and anyone who knows me know that to be true. If you have a brand that is seen as relaxed, business like or techie then that’s the type of marketing you do, align it with your brand always.

Something worth remembering is that marketing tactics change like the wind, they come and go. Your brand doesn’t. Yes your logo or your website might change but you are you for as long as you own the business, you can’t and don’t want to change you.

Branding is a very emotional experience and people either get attached to a brand or they don’t, there’s very little middle ground for a brand.

If your clients say you are a good company to work with then you need to try harder, NOW!

If they say you are an excellent company to work with then you know you are on the right track but you still need to try harder. Nobody survives being ‘good’ only the excellent survive.

Marketing campaigns can be fun and they can be exciting but nobody really get attached to a marketing campaign if they do then the brand are really lucky. Most get attached to brands because they like what they sell, they like what they stand for and they like being associated with them.

So next time you’re designing and developing your marketing campaign think about your brand and how it reinforces your position or if it might even damage it.

A Beginners Guide to LinkedIn

A Beginners Guide to LinkedIn

A Beginners Guide to LinkedInProfile

What does your profile say about you?

  • Use a picture and not an Avatar
  • Use a professional picture
  • This is not a CV, unless you want it to be, use it as an aspirational tool to let potential businesses know what you want to do now and in the future
  • What have others used it for the same reasons you want to and can you use some of the same ideas for your profile
  • According to LinkedIn, users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to find opportunities through the site
  • Use their tools and follow the suggestions that LinkedIn provide and you won’t go far wrong
  • Check your profile from time to time and make any necessary adjustments
  • Switch on your ‘Public Profile’ as this carries a lot of weight with search engines. My public profile is (more…)
What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

It’s been a little while since my last post but things have been busy.

My good friend Mike Stuart @Lucifermyk and @j8myk named Workington’s newest Café Lounge establishment Lucifer’s, which seemed to anger some folk, not least our friend’s across the pond.

So how do you choose a name, and the right one, for your business and not cause a stir, or maybe you want to it’s up to you? It can be difficult and in Mike’s case the name really suits the café but one thing we both know it’s put the café on the map and Mike being a marketing specialist, he is a partner in Black Phase, I have a sneaking feeling he knew this might happen.

But what do you do when people offer to either save you or something a little more sinister, do you change your name or carry on regardless, my advice is to carry on and the reason for that is, like Mike, if the name suits what you do and projects the correct image for you business why should you change it.

Here are a few tips when choosing a name:

  • You may be tempted to get really creative with this, which is all very well, but it’s important to keep to your main objective.
  • What do you want to say about your business? It may be good to go for something witty, with an amusing angle, though probably not if you’re starting a serious business service.
  • Don’t choose a business name based on a current fad or trend because in 10 years no one will get or remember it.
  • Choose a business name that is memorable so that current and prospective clients and customers can remember your name to refer their friends to you.
  • Make sure that the name is easy to spell in case they have to look up your number in the phone book.
  • Don’t go geographical when naming your business. If you live in Whitehaven, you may want to avoid names like Whitehaven Electrical Appliances. You don’t want people to think that you only service Whitehaven.

Anyway that’s enough from me, let me know how you arrived at your business name?

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