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Building a Buzz around your Brand! – Part Two

Building a Buzz around your Brand! – Part Two

Building a Buzz around your Brand! - Part TwoThe last blog post was ‘ Building a Buzz around your Brand’ and following on from that post how do you use social media to help launch a new or existing product or service?

So let’s say your launching a new product or maybe even launching an old product in a new way what you really need to do is get off to an early start. Consumers need to know as soon as possible that you product is out there and ready to be purchased.

An early interaction with Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn fans is essential as these guys are renowned early adopters of new products and there is no better or faster way to develop word of mouth action. Your company needs to get people talking about your product as early as possible so remember to include lots of references to ‘likes’, ‘re tweets’ and ‘sharing’. Facebook has become a great place for brands to push things even further by posting teasers, promo videos and even apps to create and develop anticipation and consumer hype for what is to come. (more…)

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