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Are Cumbrian businesses doing it?

Are Cumbrian businesses doing it?

I was thinking the other day just how many Cumbrian businesses are using Twitter, LinkedIn and maybe to a lesser extent Facebook as part of their marketing strategy?

If you are a Cumbrian based business and use social marketing / networking daily or even weekly in your business how do you find, or more importantly, measure the following:

  • Are the people who follow or connected to you brand advocators for your business or do they just follow you for followings sake with no or little interaction at all?
  • Do you follow people / businesses just to get a larger following or do you have a plan in mind to expand or strengthen your business?
  • What do you think is the greatest benefit of social marketing?

Now I know this is a broad brush and the reason for these questions is I was in Manchester a few weeks ago and talking with two guys who have their fingers on the pulse of that areas business, they said a high percentage of businesses in the area use or plan to use in the very near future social marketing as part of their marketing mix.

That got me thinking, is that the same for our area, I hope it is but then again…who knows?

I would also like to find out from anyone else is this the case in your area?

photo credtit: KMiDigital

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