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Blogging and why you should be doing it – Part Two

Blogging and why you should be doing it – Part Two

Some time ago I wrote a post blogging and why you and your business should try it so after what seems an age here is the second part.

Today everybody is a writer, photographer, filmmaker, musician.

Are you creating something? What are you waiting for?

Here’s a list of reasons why you should be blogging, not in any particular order:

  • If this is your first attempt at blogging take a look at how the people you like to read go about it.
  • Don’t copy their writing style just get some tips on what makes them successful
  • Vary the length of your post, it helps more than you know
  • Throw some facts and comparisons in there your readers will love that
  • Write your post and then leave it for a while, have a cuppa, then go back to it and make any changes you feel are  necessary
  • Give your title a lot of thought as that’s what will make visitors want to read it, make it catchy or interesting, both if you can
  • Most blogs don’t get past three months before the writer gives up, don’t let that be you!
  • If you can get your post in the press, someone I know has just started out with this and I know she will do a great job. This gives you lots of exposure
  • Consistency is the key to anything you do
  • Ask a ‘big hitter’ do contribute with a guest post, this will bring you lots of traffic
  • Get your inspiration from as many places as you can as this keeps your posts varied and interesting to your readers
  • Be humorous as nothing is worse than reading some ‘dry’ post, even if you subject is heavy or serious, humour is the key
  • Ask questions on other platforms, this will give you lots of ideas for your posts
  • Also don’t forget about video, this can be a great way to get your message over, but more on that soon 😉
  • Don’t forget to add social network buttons to your blog, this gives your readers no excuse not to share your content and don’t be afraid to ask them to share
  • Look to the left of this post and you will see them, feel free to click a few :)
  • If you have an email list make sure that it’s easy for visitors to sign up, look to the right the sign up box is at the top :)
  • Give your readers choices and they will love you for it
  • Convert readers into ‘your tribe’
  • Don’t mess with your Tribe
  • The most valuable tip I can give you is “quality not quantity”


Now I think that’s enough to get you started but as always I would be really interested to know what you think and how you create your blog post and get them out to your tribe, so please feel free to leave me a comment

Till the next time, have fun and remember do something special today 😉

Building a Buzz around your Brand!

Building a Buzz around your Brand!

Building a Buzz around your Brand!Marketing, as we know it, has been around for a long time. It first started with word of mouth marketing and this was passed mainly among family and friends. This still happens today but has expanded through networking events and seminars etc

So how do you build a ‘buzz’ around your company and have others rush to talk about you and your company? Well this isn’t something that happens overnight, in fact it can and take quite a while depending on your strategy and your ability to get people involved at ALL levels.

The time for greater understanding and leadership is upon us, this doesn’t really matter if you’re a ‘one man band’ or a multinational company the time has come to think holistically on how you introduce your company and your people in to the mix? This calls for new processes, systems as well as perspective and direction that you must give them. This won’t be easy and it will probably be a lengthy process but you can make it fun as well as profitable. (more…)

Blogging and why you and your business should try it!

Blogging and why you and your business should try it!

Back in April I wrote post on attracting blog traffic this post deals with writing for your blog and how to improve it and your writing abilities.

1. Blog about something you love or at least feel passionate about?

The beauty of blogging is that you have the ability to talk about something you love.

ž  The beauty of blogging is that you have the ability to talk about something you love.

ž  If you put hard work and effort into it, chances are you will succeed. But, if don’t what’s the point?

ž  Are you blogging with hopes to make money?

ž  You can do that with a niche that has people who are interested in what you have to say.

ž  People will be able to tell if you’re really passionate about what you do.

ž  Give your blog your all can and be someone who is truly passionate about what they’re doing.

2. Know your audience?

·   A critical part that will determine your blogs success is how well you know your audience.

·   The better you know your audience, the higher the chances are you can cater to their needs and help solve their problems.

·   Another problem with not being aware of your audience is, how do you really know what they want and don’t want?

·   What about all the posts you’ve been writing, do you really know how many of them your readers find useful?

·   Are you wasting your time writing posts that aren’t benefiting your community?

3. Build a community?

·   Having a strong community can either make or break your blog.

·   If you’re serious about blogging, you should be serious about building a community.

·   A strong community is like having a family, your community will be there for you.

·   They will love you, support you, and spread the word about your blog.

4. Solve your reader’s problems?

·   When people arrive to your blog to read your posts, make sure they leave learning something new

·   Provide useful and interesting information and DO NOT take your visitors for granted or treat them with contempt. They are the ones that will make your business grow.

5. Instil the urge for community response?

·   What kind of vibe do your posts give off?

Remember if your readers get the feeling that you don’t care either way if they give a response or not they won’t

·   Having a comment section does not instil an urge for community response, your posts are what instil the urge.

·   Try ending your posts off with a “What do you think” question at the end.

·   Ask your readers what do they think about the topic or what would they add to it. Give them a reason to comment, and show them that you want to hear their input.

·   When your readers leave a comment, respond to it. Spark a discussion and share your input on top of theirs and soon you will have other responding to your posts

6. Are you a “thinker” and “planner” or a “doer”?

·   You will always hear someone say “I have a million dollar idea”, but you never see it happen because they don’t take action.

·   Maybe you “plan” for the big day, but are you actually taking the steps to make that happen?

·   A quote I think sums this up is “It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know.” Because thinking about something isn’t going to make it happen.

·   Find your idea, write it down and actually do it. If you struggle, don’t give up, learn from your mistakes and try again.

7. Are you delivering on each of your posts?

If you are not serious then what’s the point?

·   Being a consistent blogger doesn’t mean anything if you’re not striving to deliver the best on every post you write?

·   If you hit the stage where you’re facing burnout to the point where you are struggling to find a good post to write about, take a break and ask for guest post submissions.

·   The quality of your posts define the quality of your blog, and most importantly defines the quality of you as a blogger.

·   So make sure you over delivering, or don’t deliver at all.

Let’s face it, thousands of bloggers fail, but there are those that have succeeded.

So ask yourself these questions, and be truthful about your answers.

Why wouldn’t you…?

Why wouldn’t you…?

Why wouldn’t you blog, well first of all it’s free and it’s one of the quickest ways to promote you and your business.
What should I say? Well it’s a great way to let visitors know what you are doing and thinking, you need to think of it as is a diary that you keep online, its just everyone can see it so be careful what you say and who you say it about.

As a creative company I find it a great way to keep clients and potential clients up to speed on what’s happening, not only in the studio, but in the creative world in general.

So what you waiting for?

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