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Social Media and the News

Social Media and the News

On the face of it when you look at how the news has been reported over the last couple of days on the whole it hasn’t been bad in fact it’s been generally good. If the riots in London have shown us one thing it’s that peoples thirst for news is unquenchable and they will get it anyway they can.

So let’s take a look at how Google+, Twitter and Facebook have acquitted themselves in all of this.

Twitter London RiotsTwitter – was full of updates about the riots right from the off and most of the guys from Sky News, BBC and ITV were sending out updates as fast as they could, which kept everyone up to date. As short bust of news and information provider I don’t think anything beats Twitter, it gets right to the point and if you filter out what you don’t need its tops for me. (more…)

My Life Sucks!

My Life Sucks!

So there you are are sitting at your computer, laptop, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad or whatever it is that you use to connect to the www and you are looking at you’re Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account and thinking “my life sucks” and the reason you are thinking this is because whenever you log on everyone seems to be having a great time or doing something really cool.

They’re hanging out in cool bars with super trendy friends or they are sitting in some exotic location drinking cocktails that cost more than your house in fact wherever you turn everyone is having a great time except you. There you are stuck behind a desk at work in some dim office doing a job that you don’t even like with colleagues that irritate you!

Well let’s look at it realistically, most people on social networking platforms are either in these fantastic places with these fantastic people or maybe they are just wishing they were who knows? And if they are then good luck to them they are living the life we all aspire to.

Look around at your surroundings I doubt its that bad, the office is probably well lit and perfectly adequate for the job and if its not do something about it, have a word with your boss and see what’s possible and if you’re the boss then shame on you for not looking after your staff.

The colleagues that irritate you are probably not that bad and have you taken the time to speak to them and get to know them, you never know they might have a lot more in common with you than you think.

Plan social events and update Twitter and all your other accounts from the event and before you know it you are the envy of the people who follow you, you have got a fantastic lifestyle with great friends.

“My life sucks”…only if you let it!!

photo credit: livefromamsterdam

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