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Let the right one in?

Let the right one in?

I was in the office last week working as normal when I got a call from a guy telling me he was from a Microsoft certified company, didn’t give me the name of the company although I asked five times, and said I had viruses on my computer and that he needed access to it so he could ‘sort it out’. To say I was suspicious is an understatement.

When I explained to him that I owned a media company and I knew for certain that my computer wasn’t riddled with viruses he put the phone down. Now the sad part of this is they must be on some sort of number generation system because within ten minutes he was back on going through the same ‘generated spiel’ and this got me thinking how much success would they expect to gain with this system? If let’s say 1 in 10 let them look at their computer for bogus viruses that’s a lot of bank account details and other sensitive data.

I use the following for computer security:

I suppose the moral of the story is be on your guard and don’t take these people at face value and never let anyone access your computer unless you have complete confidence they are who they say they are!

I covered this in the Whitehaven News, you can check it out here!

Let me know if you have been subject to this sort of ‘scam’ and if so what did you do?

photo credit: I don’t Know, Maybe

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