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Is Social Media The Only Answer?

Is Social Media The Only Answer?

We all connect in many different ways these days and for a business Social Media is not the only way to connect with your clients and other businesses, and nor should it be. I suppose that seems strange coming from someone who writes blogs, regularly updates Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and consults with businesses on how to implement Social Marketing.

Look at it this way if you have all your eggs in one basket and it isn’t working then let’s face it no one will hear about your business or any message you are trying to broadcast. So if social marketing is working for you and that’s all you are using then great, but what if it’s not? Then try other media such as print etc. As I have said on many occasions this is not a one size fits all scenario.

I find that for my business social media is a great way of getting my message out and if I am perfectly honest traditional marketing isn’t for me as all my work comes from word of mouth referrals so I don’t place adverts in newspapers or magazines etc. But there are plenty of businesses out there who successfully use a mix of traditional methods and social marketing. (more…)

Publishing, Content, Apps and other stuff

Publishing, Content, Apps and other stuff

Publishing, Apps and other stuff…A while back I wrote a post on the future of newspapers, link to story, and whether you are in the camp that says “newspapers should charge for content or you’re not’ is really immaterial, for reasons I will go into later but one thing I do agree with is that if publishing companies are going to charge for content it has to be good quality, up to date and relevant.

I think that local news is obviously more relevant to the people in that area so local news providers have a better chance at getting visitors to the site and pay for premium content, but this is still an uphill struggle as most if not all internet users expect everything news related to be free. Let’s face it 99% of news is still free and likely to remain that way whether we or Mr Murdoch likes it or not. Take the small earthquake in Cumbria last night around 11pm, as it happened Facebook and Twitter were the first to report it, I know because we felt it and I was contributing to the updates while writing this post. (more…)

Social Media, Content, Advertising and the future?

Social Media, Content, Advertising and the future?

Looking over the big three, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn it’s really surprising just how many adverts, and I don’t mean paid for advertising, are starting to creep in.

Do you want to buy this and have you heard of that it’s not worrying at the moment but I have to say it’s not the direction I thought it would take. Now don’t get me wrong I have a business, as do most of my friends on the big three, but I always advocate that you restrict the “we sell the best widgets” approach to a minimum and the reason for this is that most people don’t want the ‘hard sell’ or do they maybe that’s the way all this will go and become one big advertising space?

I worked in the newspaper industry for a number of years and advertising was, quite rightly, at the top of the agenda at nearly every senior managers meeting as that brought in the pennies but are they getting it right now as the world changes? I can understand small business using social media to promote their business as its fast and cheap and they, for this reason, can be forgiven in the current climate.

Looking at websites as they currently stand I read a quite interesting piece over the weekend, [ link to site ] and where it was more biased towards website design and its future it got me thinking about how we use content and how it will change in the future.

Now following on from the article I think there is a place, and always will be, for good layout and design but I do understand what the writer means as mobiles become mini computers they are full of different themes for the content to ‘sit in’, now that’s not such a bad thing and it has been used in web design for years but there will always be room for good website design whether its a theme or not I think the word of the future will be flexibility.

So where does this leave not just the newspaper industry but the future of advertising as a whole? Well in my opinion I think it’s a great time to be in advertising as new opportunities are everywhere. The aggregators of ‘content’ will be the major suppliers in the future and around this advertising will be wrapped. At the moment Facebook, Twitter and Google are the main global suppliers and it’s hard to see that changing anytime soon but what about specialised local ‘content’ that will always be required as people move around more now than they ever did and with them goes either a laptop, netbook or more often than not a smart phone and on them we can get just about all the information we could ever need so its up to the content aggregators to have everything in place to provide the content but it has to be provided in a pleasing and thoughtful way or it won’t work.

Let me know how you receive and consume your content and what you think the future is and how that will affect your ‘content’?

This is a rather large subject and I have lots to talk about so for now this is…’end of part one’

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