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How long is too long?

How long is too long?

Now we all know Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be addictive, as the author knows only too well, but how long is too long before it becomes a help or a hindrance?

There have been lots of studies on this and I am not going to go into the statistics of it here as that is not what this post is about, but more on the impact these platforms can and do have. Now I know that adding the big three to your marketing mix can have a dramatic impact, done right of course, but remember that you can apply a few rules and policies to your strategy and you should be ok.

But the question is “do social marketing platforms add to productivity or decrease it”?
Well here’s what I think:

  • Using social networks can and do introduce outside elements and influences into your mix, this can and does add something new and exciting
  • This can have the rewarding effect of not only introducing a positive buzz throughout the company but will help spread it to your community
  • The web is an enticing place and contributing on social networking platforms does take up time but this time can be put to good use when assessing customer comments for example
  • As long as the decisions we make while taking part are informed and constructive then we should be ok and this will help us build up a following, but not just any old following, but one that will help spread your message
  • People on my seminars and workshops still ask about negative comments, so I have devoted a whole post to it which you can read here.

The web is still developing at an incredible rate and while it is very enticing it is not beyond our control to manage it properly.
How do you use social networking and is it helping or hindering?

photo credit: Coda

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