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On the face of it when you look at how the news has been reported over the last couple of days on the whole it hasn’t been bad in fact it’s been generally good. If the riots in London have shown us one thing it’s that peoples thirst for news is unquenchable and they will get it anyway they can.

So let’s take a look at how Google+, Twitter and Facebook have acquitted themselves in all of this.

Twitter London RiotsTwitter – was full of updates about the riots right from the off and most of the guys from Sky News, BBC and ITV were sending out updates as fast as they could, which kept everyone up to date. As short bust of news and information provider I don’t think anything beats Twitter, it gets right to the point and if you filter out what you don’t need its tops for me.

FAcebookFacebook – have pages dedicated to the riots but again nothing of any real depth other than the usual lets hang them from lampposts pages springing up and I have to say I am a believer in conscription for these guys when caught, if they want to fight then pack them off to Afghanistan to help our real heroes, but don’t get me started! Facebook also shared some great links or people during the clean up at Clapham Junction and human interest stories.

Google Plus RiotsGoogle+ – this was the platform I though stood out, even though it’s the new kid on the block it has some great Google functionality behind it. A quick search for “UK riots” and you are presented with a list of what’s going on and its bang up to the minute. A quick run down the list and you have the news from all over the world.

So you could ask was there any need to update their respective websites with news? Well yes there is as most people are ok with updates but if you have family and friends in these affected areas you want to know a little more of what’s going on so that gives a little more in depth news.

This was never meant as an in depth look at the platforms it was only ever going to be a quick summary, I am sure there a guys out there that will take us to the ‘enth degree’ when it come to stats, you know who you are, but that’s not what this is about.

It was reported that police were using Flickr (link to story) to identify criminals, another fantastic use of Social Media and for those who say it’s a ‘flash in the pan’ and ‘won’t last’don’t really understand its true power, meaning and uses.

It was also interesting to find out that Blackberry is being blamed as one of the main communicators the kids used during the riots (link to story)

How do you think the news was handled in this terrible time for the UK?

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