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Next Level Thinking [NLT] is a concept and process conceived by Keith McMean to help you and your business break out of the old way of thinking to enable you to grow your business and live a life of meaning.

I want to help you not only run a fantastic fun business but also have time to live your life with meaning and passion so you can do the things you love and run a business that’s fun and profitable.

If you have any questions or thoughts on NLT we can talk them through in the comments, this way if you have a fantastic idea I can give you the credit you deserve and if I use it in a future post you’ll be right there with me.

[NLT] Taking The First Steps

Those First Steps For some taking those first steps can be the most difficult part of owning and running a business that isn't working because fixing the parts that aren't can be a challenge. As we discussed in the last post changing your mindset is something that...

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[NLT] Momentum how to create and sustain it

“Business is like riding a bicycle. Either you keep moving or you fall down.” – Frank Lloyd Wright Momentum is a funny thing and most people don’t understand its importance in business and it’s something that is not tangible, you can’t just pull it from a draw in your...

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Next Level Thinking

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