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“I have come to the realization that whatever it is you’re working on now, plan for the future, everything has a shelf life!”

That’s a statement alright…

I had this thought as I was looking through an old diary from 2007 and some of the things I had written down as great ideas clearly weren’t  I hope you keep your diaries or notebooks they’re a great source of inspiration. Any way I was looking through my diary and it suddenly struck me that I had some ‘half decent’ ideas and some rubbish ideas, but hey I always think the time to worry is when I stop having them :-)

In 2007 one of my good friends had shown me a system to attract more followers, but we have to get things straight, right from the start of the social media revolution this never really sat straight with me, to me it was quality over quantity every time and it still is, read this post for more on that!

So everything has a shelf life? I truly believe that it does and that we have to reinvent ourselves, our business and our personal life in some cases. I think it’s the natural progression of self growth, we have to keep and stimulate our inquiring minds.

A lot of the stuff I do is centred on social marketing and how businesses can add a human voice to what it is they do, I strongly believe that if you don’t you will fail.

Change what’s not working in your life to make it more successful, speak to people who are successful in your circle of friends, acquaintances etc to find out what makes them successful…DON’T WAIT!

If you don’t have successful people in your life find them they are out there! Google “successful people” and see what comes up?

A lot of my business has changed since the turn of the year because I could see a lot that wasn’t working. What did I do to change this? I asked people who were successful for their input and I read lots of books on the subject of change and how it affected not only me but my clients, friends and family because I strongly believe that one small change has a ‘ripple effect’ to everything we do and I wanted to try and make sure that this ‘ripple effect’ was good for as many people as possible. But I also knew that not everyone would benefit and that some of the things I really love had to be sacrificed to achieve my goals but I think it’s worth it.

So what in your business has passed its sell by date? Have a good look through what you do and how you do it and ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I happy doing it?
  • Is it still working?
  • Is it making money?
  • What’s the cost if I stop doing it? Remembering that ‘cost’ isn’t just money!

If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions then either stop doing it or change it so it makes you happy, the money will follow!

If you have to change things DO IT NOW! DON’T WAIT! Ask yourself…”What am I WAITING FOR?”

The image in the post is my desktop wallpaper and you can get it here

I would love to know your thoughts on change so please feel free to leave a comment.

Have a great day!


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