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Keith McMean

Social Media (Marketing)

Just let me add a little context to this post. Social Media is a term that’s used to describe the following: “Social media are computer-mediated tools that allow people to create, share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual... read more

Making a good first Impression

In these days of ‘connected consumerism’ and an ‘always on society’ how is your organisation helping you’re customers to have a better and more fulfilling experience? The single biggest problem I come across when working with organisations is how to help them... read more

Frequency and Content

I am asked numerous times “how often should I write an article or a blog post and what should I write about?” well if you’re like me you will rarely be stuck for something to write about but because I am on the lookout for things every minute of the day. So where does... read more

Listen and Ask

I was talking with a client about how we can find out what a customer might want on social media last week. As we discussed this question it got me thinking and it really does come down to two things, listening and asking. Not too many people listen anymore they jump... read more

Permission (revisited)

When it comes to marketing and self promotion, whatever you want to call it we are all very different. I am watching a conversation by Mark Traphagen on Google Plus and it’s all about how he is trying not to hate Gary Vaynerchuck I’m sure you’ve heard of Gary V and... read more

The Social Expert

When you, or others, begin telling people that you are a ‘social expert’ what pressure are you putting yourself under? This was something I came across a couple of weeks ago. A prospective client said in a meeting “Keith, you’re the expert, tell us what you think?”... read more

Change What You Do In 2015

Well it’s that time of year when we start to make plans and change what we do for next year and think about what went well and what didn’t this year…yes a lot to think about. I love this time of year, it’s my most favourite time of the year, and that’s really... read more

Are you Selling and NOT Listening?

As an advisor to companies on how to demystify social marketing its really easy to ‘tell’ or ‘sell’ to clients what I do or what I can help them with. I have, over the years, developed the skill of listening to what they want. Not everyone can do this and it took me a... read more

Are You a Lazy…$*&%?

Last week I heard the term “Are you a lazy marketer?” and it struck me that this doesn’t just apply to marketing, either on or offline. It applies to whatever you do in life. For this reason I haven’t attached a position to the title, it could just as easy apply to a... read more

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