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Keith McMean Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Consultant

I can show you just how easy it is for you to market your business to a responsive audience through digital and social marketing and help you grow your business?

Are you and your business struggling to come to terms with social and digital marketing, if you really don’t have a clue what the hell you’re doing and its affecting your ability to grow or market to the right audience you are missing out big time.

If Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram marketing is leaving you frustrated and broke get in touch I can help.

In fact I guarantee that if I haven’t come up with a plan to help you in the first meeting then you don’t pay me. What have you got to lose? Nothing.

Prominent Blogger

I have written since 2003 and has a regular following on LinkedIn and Medium as well as the website. I use my blog to help organisations understand how digital transformation, marketing and connected consumerism is changing the world around us on a daily basis. This helps you prepare for what’s ahead.

Keynote Speaker

I have been a keynote speaker for over 10 years and have spoken regularly at Social Media Week, at numerous events and seminars around the UK. I try to help organisations understand the changing landscape of not only online marketing but how customers are changing their habits in a new digital lifestyle.

About Keith

I am the Director of 33Digital a do it for you digital marketing service and serial entrepreneur.
I help consultants, coaches, SME’s and business advisers improve their online presence and better understand the relationship between marketing and their customers/clients using digital media. Most people have absolutely no idea what they are doing in the digital space therefore it either gets lost or worse the messages are mixed.

I help you fix it.

I have been in marketing for over 20 years and over this time gained a knowledge and expertise that has helped many consultants, coaches, SME’s and business advisers achieve results they thought were out of reach using digital marketing methods.

As a result of this work, I also help leading brands develop their marketing, customer experience, culture, and innovation strategies this enable businesses to adapt to new connected markets starting from within.

“The world is changing and if you don’t change with it you will be left behind” – Keith McMean

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What Others Say

“Keith is brilliantly talented at all things creative. He is a first responder and has always been ahead of the game before most people even realised that there was one.

For this reason, whilst the majority of people in the UK still deeply mistrusted the internet, Keith McMean became synonymous with it as he became one of the very first web designers.

When WordPress became available, he quickly saw the potential and created a step by step how-to-build a WordPress Site guide Now anyone can build a decent website and maintain it to a professional standard.”

Kay Hebbourn – Digital Marketing Consultant

“Keith’s support continued with one-to-one training sessions to allow authorised Port staff to intervene on the website’s content management system and update at will.

Moreover, Keith has continued to be available with a helping hand proving he is incredibly unselfish with his time and knowledge. As a result of Keith’s work, the Port has totally revamped its online marketing collateral with a website that totally reflects the ethos of the business and one that has facility to be updated via a very user friendly interface.

I would not hesitate to recommend Keith McMean and his company for this type of work and also for expert support in electronic communications and all aspects of social media.”

Colin Sharpe – Supply Chain Manager West Cumbria Mining

“I have known Keith for a while now, I first met Keith at one of his Social media Events he was delivering, and so glad I went. I have had the opportunity to meet him at many Networking Events since then and his enthusiasm,great personality , can do attitude is a pleasure.

I am an avid follower of Keith’s daily updates on Twitter and Linkedin , his enthusiasm for getting the word out there to help businesses use these Social Media Sites to there best advantage … If you have a social media queery give Keith a call and I would have no hesitation to recommending Keith to any business however small or large.”

Tracey Todd – Senior Manager at Adecco UK

“Keith is passionate about all aspects of online, and is very experienced and knowledgeable in what he does. When you add into the mix his excellent project management and people skills, it’s very easy to see how he can take any size project and end up with a result that exceeds expectations of both the client and the design / development team. It’s a joy to work with Keith, and have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Stu Woodbridge – Web Marketing Manager

“I have worked with Keith McMean on several occasions, the partnerships we have created between us have been mutually beneficial and served local businesses very well to the delight of everyone concerned, for CN working closely with Keith and his team of true professionals makes the process of doing multi media business a real pleasure.”

Stephen McCullough – Group Business Development Director CN Media

“Keith’s enthusiasm for the potential of digital marketing is infectious. He is a visionary who has the expertise and knowledge to deliver projects that achieve great results. Keith is an excellent communicator. He is organised and I would recommend him to all.”

Craig Johnson – Director at Kagool and digital marketing specialist

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I have created some free stuff that will help you market your business successfully to a receptive audience. Now I don’t want to get all ‘marketing guru’ on you here but this stuff is some of the best stuff I’ve done and it really will help…so download it!

Mastering Copywriting

Ever wondered why copywriting is so important to getting sales?

Now you can get your hands on this fantastic, free eBook where I show you how you can create content that really resonates with your target audience and makes you money in around 1 hour.

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My Top 5 Secrets to online Marketing

Want the real route to successful online marketing without the usual crap?

Then take my and implement my FREE guide to successful online marketing. This will help you fix all the mistakes your’re currently making and the reasons why what you are doing is not brining in the results you want or expected.

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